Fall Carriage Tour

So if you have been to Mackinac there is no doubt you have seen the carriages packed with people touring the island. This is part of the Mackinac Carriage Tours. You can also get private tours to enjoy. http://www.mict.com

So I took one in July and this is when the island is completely 100% open. So you got the first part of the tour that takes you up to Surrey Hill Museum. They allow you to hang out there and explore the grounds that include the Grand Hotel stables, butterfly house, Forge a Memory and the Surrey Hill Museum. After that you transfer on to a different carriage that takes you the rest of the tour.

In the fall things are different. For one the amount of horses have been cut way back. As it is the end of the season and most have left the island for a much deserved rest. So that means the fall carriage tour is run a various way.

We had the same driver the entire tour and only had 1 stop at Arch Rock 🪨. You head inland a little more and it is just gorgeous with all the fall tones weaving in and out. It is 1.5 hours. We had a fantastic guide and I’m horrible at names (I apologize)but he was great!! Our group we were with were great at joining in with jokes and questions. I loved this tour just as much as the summer one. Plus it was nice just to sit and relax the entire time with the information soaking in.

We didn’t stop at those places I mentioned earlier because they are closed. That allowed us to take some roads we didn’t before and learn a few other inside facts. As the tour starts to end you have 3 exit options. Ft Mackinac, Fort St or back downtown. Highly recommend.


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