Headed to Mackinac

So it’s my Christmas. Remember growing up and you thought that day would never come? The excitement and anticipation of what was coming? That is how I feel before a trip to Mackinac. And I feel so fortunate that it had only been 3 months since I was last there 💜

This is the last fully open weekend for the island. Meaning almost everything shuts down with the exception of a few places starting next week. You can still go to the island just know it will be very quiet 🤫.

This trip is a girls weekend. My one friend was able to come last year with me and I met her when my friends went to IU. She had become one of my dearest friends along with my forever concert pal!! The other one joining us is my oldest & bestest friend. I have known her my whole life!! We will be missing 1 of our gang who couldn’t make it- but hopefully next trip.

I am so excited to get away with these 2 for a weekend of exploring, catching up and non stop laughing. The Mackinac House will be our residence for the next few days. I have been dying to stay here. A boutique style hotel- built in Market St in 2019. http://wwe.themackinachouse.com

So stay tuned for lists of pics on the blogs Instagram page https://instagram.com/totallymackinacisland?utm_medium=copy_link


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