Halloween weekend

Beyond excited that I get to head back up to Mackinac this next weekend. AND it falls on Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ weekend on the island. Also itโ€™s the last fully open week for the businesses of the island. Now a few places stay open past the 25th but once November hits- only a hand full of places are open year round. Now the island is open year round but limited.

Ok so back to this coming weekend. I love fall. The crisp air to bright leaves ๐Ÿ To be able to venture north and see the island at this time of year is a bonus for sure. So here is the lineup as listed on the tourism page http://www.mackinacisland.org

Friday October 22 Haunted Trail Maze at the Grand Hotel. 6-8:30 are the times. It is 5.00 for non guests of the Hotel. Then venture downtown to various bars for live music ๐ŸŽต

Saturday October 23 is a fun filled day. Starting with Great Turtle Trail Run & Half Marathon at 11:30. I have done the Lilac 10k and I have to say those hills inner island are no joke so kudos to those running. Then downtown from 3-4:30 is trick or treating for the young ones. So excited to see this. The same maze at Grand Hotel starts from 8-9:30. Then costume parties and live music are downtown.

Originally I had ordered a hilarious blow up costume and once I finally got batteries for it and got it on- I did not like it. The device has to constantly be running to keep inflated- and it was very annoying. So went and got a last minute costume. I normally go all out for my costumes- but being out of town I wanted to minimize what I had to pack. So stay tuned!!


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