Nightlife on Mackinac Podcast

Today’s episode is about the islands nightlife and how to enjoy the restaurants and some of the bars that offer live music. Mackinac hosts a lot of fantastic restaurants with a variety of food options along with draft beers, cocktails and wine.

Definitely recommend getting reservations if available. Dress code is never a problem for any of these places. Grand Hotel is the only place that requires dress code after 6 pm. It is fun to bar hop. So start off at dinner then migrate to where you want to see live music. Another great option is to eat then go back to your room and relax and sit out on your balcony or front porch at the residence you are staying and enjoy watching it all unfold. Doud’s Market has full liquor, beer and wine are available to purchase.

Here are the websites to check out the food and nightlife:

Tune in for a funny story and how the night is just as much fun as the day.


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