Mackinac Tourism Guide Book

So the island is full of rich history. Not sure if you are like me but I love learning all about the historical facts I can. This book is a must for so many reasons.

The guide is available to buy on the ferry boats for 2.00 or they can be purchased at the Visitor’s Bureau. This little book has lots of gems in it. I purchase one every time I go.

What I find most valuable in this book are the maps. I tear them out to have with me at all times while I’m there. Another option with the book is to download to your phone prior to the visit.

The guide has everything that is available on the website just in book format. Here you can get these little bits of info:

  • Lodging
  • Restaurant
  • Events
  • Activities & attractions
  • Horse & carriage info
  • Fudge
  • Art scene
  • Shopping
  • Biking guides

So do yourself a favor and purchase when you get to the island or download prior. I’m not kidding the stuff in this booklet is so helpful that it’s silly not to even browse over it 💜💜💜


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