Mission Point Resort Podcast

Today I talk about the infamous resort located at the end of the island. Hosting several style of suites & rooms. Also with 4 different restaurants this is a fantastic family friendly resort. Plus your pooch is welcome too!

I talk about the different options available to enjoy while staying here. There are a lot. Recently undergoing a complete renovation of all the rooms. Weddings are frequently being done with all the options of locations on site. Salon & spa to pamper yourself then venture to Chianti for and elegant dinner finished off with a walk to the front lawn. Overflowing with Adirondack chairs, you can’t help but close your eyes and relax. http://www.missionpoint.com

This location stoped in when an unexpected tragedy occurred next door to a wedding- causing the couple to evacuate the reception. The article talks on how the entire island stepped up!!


Tune in to hear all about this amazing resort!


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