Seclusion on the island

One of the main reasons I love staying on the island is the complete seclusion you feel after the ferries stop. There is a feeling of intimacy you never knew you would love.

Most of the ferries stop running back to the mainland by 8. I know when I went in July – that the downtown was insane- we ventured down to Mission Point to get away from it. By the time we ate dinner and headed back downtown it had totally changed. The streets were much clearer and the locals and guests get to enjoy the tucked in feeling you get.

The nightlife starts to come alive at this time too. Some find it hard to believe but the bars have a great amount of live music options. The places that usually host these are:

  • Pink Pony – outdoor patio & behind bar inside
  • Horn’s Gaslight Bar & Grill
  • The Broken Spoke
  • Grand Hotel (dress code after 6 pm)

There is also the Haunted Tour that starts after dark. This is fun for a lot of history. Mission Point has glow in the dark miniature golf. Super fun and we took extra glow in the dark sticks to wear while playing. It is fun to just walk the streets at night and look up at all the amazing stars.

The mornings are my absolute favorite as I have expressed. You can hear the docks unloading all the incoming shipments- the workers riding into their job. But quietness of the island is intoxicating. I take this opportunity to really explore the island before the full ferries start arriving.

So if you are ever on the fence I hugely encourage you to do it if only one night. I promise you once you do you will be hooked.


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