Dog Friendly Island

If you are like me your dogs are family. I also have cats but we know they don’t travel too often. Anywho- many wonder if Mackinac is dog friendly. To answer YES! Fur babies are welcome with open arms. So here are some of the things to know about bringing your dog.

Dogs need to be on a leash, carrier or even a stroller (yes they make pet strollers). This is for their safety as well as others. On the ferries there is no extra charge for the dog if they are well behaved. Also please pick up after your animals. If you forget your baggies you can get complimentary waste bags at the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau located on Main St.

As always remember horses rule on Mackinac – so you need to be mindful of them downtown along with bicycles in the busy Main St. You just want to be aware for your pooch that they aren’t stressed. The places that allow dogs have a dog-friendly sticker in their window. If there isn’t one- ask. You never know if they allow and just don’t have a sticker.

So say you want to stay on the island with your fur best friend. Are there pet friendly lodging options? of course there are. Here are a list of the places to stay:

  • Mission Point Resort
  • Park Place Suites
  • Sunset Condos

Wondering what restaurants allow the pooch to accompany you? Here again is another list to help you figure out where to eat.

  • Bill’s Grill at Harbour View Inn
  • Bistro on the Greens at Mission Point Resort
  • Boxwood Coffeeshop & Cafe at Mission Point Resort
  • Cannonball Drive Inn
  • Doghouse at Windmere Point
  • Feedbag at Surrey Hills
  • Tea Room at Ft Mackinac
  • Gate House
  • Ice House BBQ at Island House Hotel
  • Lucky Bean Coffee House
  • Mustang Lounge
  • Round Island Kitchen at Mission Point Resort
  • Smokey Jose’s

So you have brought your fur baby and wonder what all they can do with you on the island. Umm a lot. Well behaved dogs are allowed on the Mackinac Island Carriage Tours. Both Ft Mackinac and Ft Holmes have open doors for the furry friends. Riding bikes with the pooch is fun. If you need to get a tag a long for your bike – Mackinac Bike Barn & Mackinac Wheels have the carts available. As mentioned earlier you can shop downtown after finding the pet friendly sticker (or just ask). Exploring the inner island with its many trails is great for the dog to explore with. Here are some other options to consider:

  • Anne’s Tablet
  • Arch Rock
  • British Landing
  • Crack-in-the-Island
  • Marquette Park
  • Mission Point Resort Lawn
  • Skull Cave
  • Somewhere In Time Gazebo
  • Sugar Loaf

I love seeing the dogs on the island. And it is so nice to have the options to do so if it’s for a day visit or your are staying on the island. Having your fur baby there makes the trip even more memorable.


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