Carriage Tour Podcast

The House Kiosk

On the podcast I go into the Mackinac Island Carriage Tour. In all my years going it’s crazy to think this is the first time I have done this tour 🤩

This is truly a must for any new visitors or even seasoned ones like myself!! Talking about how you get the tickets is truly a huge tip. There can be some confusion- but once it’s all said and done you are set for a tour that you sit back and relax on.

The tour path

Here is what is included on this tour

  • Grand Hotel Stables
  • Forge a Memory
  • Wings of Mackinac
  • Surrey Hill Carriage Museum

It must be said- save room for a blueberry donut at the Surrey Hill museum- it is incredible (and I don’t even like blueberry donuts)

A lot is talked about on the episode and I did a previous blog about the whole tour as well. So tune into get invaluable information.


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