Coffee Time with Lucky Bean

Well you can’t start the day without your coffee right? I try to visit all the shops on the island that are specialized in this arena. Today I’m gonna talk about Lucky Bean. Tucked in on Market St between Astor and Hoban street. Owned by Mackinac native, Carolyn May (5th generation) this little shop has the patrons lined out the door for their incredible blends.

My introduction to this shop was actually through social media. I started following them and couldn’t wait to finally try it. They really are creative with new lattes and unique coffee grounds. I for sure got the impression that they do all they can to brew the best blends. So I noticed in their stories they were making a cereal milk latte. You read that right. It was Cap’n Crunch Berry cereal milk (after the cereal had been soaked in it) added to your latte. I’m not gonna lie I was excited but thought it could be too sweet. Nope it was beyond expectations. In fact in got one 3 of the 4 mornings I was there.


A small shelf table is by the window that allows you to sit and enjoy the views of Market St. The back wall is full of some great items to buy. The staff works efficiently and are so friendly. The atmosphere is cozy and beyond welcoming. Below is the menu as shared on their website. So be sure to pop in for a treat or coffee ☕️ at Lucky Bean.


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