What can a teenager do in Mackinac??

I get this a lot from people who reach out to me about Mackinac. True it’s a concern. Will teens have fun on the island? Yes they will. In fact I think you will love how they might disconnect with some gadgets and reconnect with outside.

Regardless if you are doing a day trip or staying overnight- bikes are a must. Bring your own or rent them for the day. Be sure to tell the kids prior to riding the rules if the road there. Horses have the right away, be mindful of traffic behind you and watch for pedestrians. The peace of mind you can have for the teens is the safety (now a fall could happen). No I mean if you have a tween know they are safe to ride with a few siblings or friends and know they will be alright. I set a guideline of where and how long they can ride. They can only stay on Main Street once they leave downtown and not go past Mission Point. When downtown they can venture onto Market St take Cadotte Ave up to the Grand but can’t go beyond the Grand. They also can ride to the end of the boardwalk on Main St. check in every hour. This is so fun for them. They have freedom but limitations and you know they are safe. My niece and nephew would just text to ask if they could do something and this allows them to shop at places they might want to go to. Also make sure they have a map with them to not only use but learn from.

The Haunted Theatre is a fun one for tweens. As stated on their website- Not a theater of movies, but a Haunted House of three dimensional monsters. Within these halls you will encounter horrors of the past… Artist’s conceptions of Monsters from Mackinac’s History. It is 8.50 per person and right on Main St.https://mackinacislandhauntedtheatre.com/

Maze of Mirrors- experience the amazing as you find your way through this fun filled, life size maze of mirrors and glass. A unique and amazing experience like none other. Fun for all ages. Located next to the Murray Hotel on Main Street. This too is 8.50 a person.

The butterfly 🦋 houses. Might seem crazy to think that there are 2 different Butterfly houses on this island in upper Michigan. First you have the Original Butterfly House located on McGulpin St and a small gift shop located downtown. Your ticket gets you unlimited access. https://www.originalbutterflyhouse.com/

  • Adults 12 & up- 12.00
  • Kids 5-11 – 8.09
  • Toddlers 4 & under – free

The Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House is the 1st of its kind in Michigan, and the 3rd oldest LIVE butterfly exhibit in the United States. The world-renowned facility has 1800 sq ft of tropical garden filled with hundreds of live butterflies from four continents

Wings of Mackinac is the other Butterfly House. This can be part of your carriage tour or you can go up without doing that. It is located in Carriage Road behind the Grand Hotel Stables. https://www.wingsofmackinac.com/

  • Adults 12 & up – 10.00
  • Kids 5-11- 6.00
  • Toddlers free

Wings of Mackinac first opened in 1997. In 2002 our new location at Surrey Hills enabled them to partner with Carriage Tours to be an option on the carriage tour of Mackinac Island.

Grand Hotel stable in background

Cindy’s Riding Stable provides riding horses and guides to help you enjoy the beautiful trails in the Mackinac Island State Park. http://www.cindysridingstable.com/aboutus.htm

  • $50/hour for a saddle horse rental

Drive your own Carriage. Yes you read that right. Even with no experience the horses are so well trained your mind is at Ease. Jack’s Livery Stables is where you go for this http://www.jacksliverystable.com/driveityourself.htm

The following rates are in effect this season:

$80/hour for a two passenger carriage

$100/hour for a four passenger carriage

$120/hour for a six passenger carriage

If you are staying overnight on the island the Haunts of Mackinac tour is great. Learn the history and paranormal encounters that have happened on the island. http://www.hauntsofmackinac.com/

The Carriage Tours are fantastic. Located downtown – you can purchase tickets there. There are no reservations taken. First come first serve. If it’s really busy they will give you the time you are due to go. This the the tour that could include the Wings Of Mackinac and the Surrey Hill Museum along with a Blacksmith who makes knives out of horseshoes . https://www.mict.com/

Fort Mackinac is a great experience.Not only are you stepping into history there’s a chance you can fire the cannon. 1 person for 50.00 every morning at 9:15. The whole Fort feels as though you have stepped back in time. With re-enactments and gift shops to get all you need. Along with a restaurant to sit and overlook the island. You then can head down to Market St to see the rest of the homes included with Fort ticket- the blacksmith and oldest house on the island. https://tickets.mackinacparks.com/webstore/shop/viewItems.aspx?cg=MSHP&c=1

  • Adults 13 & up – 13.50
  • Kids 5-12 – 8.00
  • Toddlers -free
  • These are single day passes
The kids being silly
View from Fort

So be sure to click on links provided to give the kids an adventure they will love.

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