Morning walking path

In front of Mission Point

One thing I truly cherish about staying on the island is the morning walks. I am an early riser so it’s normal for me to get up and do a walk on the island. When you are able to stay over the seclusion is so comforting. So allow me to share one of my paths I take that give you a breathtaking view of sunrise and the islands tranquility.

This is starting from downtown. You head down M185 / Main St walking past the harbor. In the fall it’s dark later which is to your advantage- while summer obviously sunrise is earlier. I tend to start about 6:45-7. The streets are just starting to wake up. No ferries have arrived. It’s just peaceful.

I love to hear the seagulls chirping all around. The workers on the island are heading to what needs to be done. Continue your path down towards Mission Point. The dew is fresh on the Adirondack chairs. As you turn around the bend you head into the state park (as marked on the road) Soon you will be close to Arch Rock. This is when you venture up the 207 steps to the top. It’s a workout worth the view. But be sure to stop to lookout. It’s stunning.

Stop to take in the view

After you catch your breath you will follow the path up to Arch Rock. Arch Rock is a natural limestone geological formation that developed during the Nipissing post-glacial period, which occurred about 7,500 years ago. At that time, Lake Huron sat at a much higher level. Arch Rock is a unique formation because the type of limestone — breccia — is rare in the Great Lakes region.

There is a great Native American story told about this land site.

From here I then head down Arch Rock Road towards the fort. There are signs everywhere so you can follow it very easy. This is a great, secluded path where you are deep in the woods of the island. It is about 2 miles to Fort Mackinac. Once there you will come up to the governor’s mansion and head left down a steep hill of Fort St.

Marquette Park

You then will pass Marquette park on your left. From here you then gave looped back downtown. I then head for my coffee. You have accomplished a workout while enjoying what beauty the island has!!


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