Biking the island

Growing up we had a dirt road next to our house. My sisters and I would bike that path all the time. They paved it after a few years and our world was complete. Less bumps for sure.

I remember we would have fake stoplights and ride like it was a car. This was the 80’s and we had a stick shift van so we made the noises like it used to when it would accelerate 🤣 I always wanted my bike to be a car and now I want my car to be a bike 🚲. Funny how life is.

My bike- I love it – not the best on hills but neither am I

So in the winter of 2019-2020 the waves started creating a lot of damage to M-185 which is the main road around the island. Last summer they spent it adding more boulders on the shore. This year the replacing and repaving parts of it. So it is closed from British Landing to Arch Rock. You still get a good ride in though. So don’t be discouraged.

Riding the path is so peaceful. One thing to remember is pay attention for other riders. If you decide to stop for pics- pull to side of road not in the middle. Try to stay somewhat to the side also for passing traffic. There will be some walkers and runners. The same rules apply here as it does anywhere else. Just be very mindful.

My nephew at one of the mile markers on the island

Riding downtown. Ok so let’s say you rent a bike. I see this a lot. You put it out right in front of the place you rented. And take off. A lot of times you are completely unaware there are other forms of traffic there. This happens with the tandems a lot. They can be tricky to maneuver. So I suggest walk the bike (stay as far over as possible ) jump on at a less busy area. Now if it’s not busy- go for it.

Horses have the right away at all times!!! All the drivers of the carriages to garbage haulers will let you know if you are in their way. They also yell ahead of turning. Downtown can become very congested at times so it’s best to go slow and pay attention.

I highly recommend going inner island with your bike. Now here is where the hills are. I am horrible on hills- so I’ll get off and walk my bike. This is where you really can explore. I think the one hill up to Fort Holmes was so funny. I had my niece with me and she had to walk her bike (mine is super heavy and shifts gears but it’s a classic beach bike) we had just gotten ice cream 🍨 I told her we burned off all those calories. BUT silver lining you are downhill all the way back.

One of the many hills on the island

Much like parking there are spots you can’t. Be aware too that the police check for licenses. Your license as a guest is the one put on your bike at the ferry. Leave that on at all times. During the day no need to lock your bike (obviously you can if you want) but no one takes them. I do at night only because once my friends got taken and we found it later. The police told us to just keep our eyes peeled because more than likely someone was drunk and just grabbed it and rode away. They were right.

I did ride the open part of M-185 and you still get a good portion in. This actually surprised me. I misjudged where British landing is (I always do). So definitely still bike. And like I said this will make you explore more inland. You never know what you might find 😉😉


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