Totally Mackinac Island also becoming a podcast

So like so many people I have become obsessed with podcasts. True Crime is for sure what I listen to most. A few months ago I ventured into this world. It was somewhat of a personal journal. Each week a different subject. Anything from hair, tv shows to Mackinac. After awhile I found myself wanting to talk constantly about the island.

This blog started and I found that I truly just loved writing and talking about Mackinac. So I am stopping the other one- contrary to what you might think the internet won’t shut down (insert sarcasm) The good part is with starting this now I will not be quite as lost on how to start. Still learning but it’s fun. I hope to make it a weekly podcast outlining a lot of what I cover here- but if you prefer listening to reading- this is the way to go.

So starting this weekend- look for Totally Mackinac Island in all podcast venues. 🎙


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