Murray Hotel

With each visit I try to stay at a new place. This time I decided hole up at Murray Hotel. This hotel has been family run since 1882. Located right downtown on Main St- it has 69 rooms. The Murray also has its own fudge set up in the Main Lobby right as you walk in. They have a large selection to choose from. Then as you look around you notice that there is a scent of food- it comes from their burrito bar Amigo Burrito. Further down the hall is the banquet style room that has their daily breakfast buffet (I believe it is 11.99)

I was staying in a queen room overlooking Main St. I actually did not take a picture of it (no idea why) so I’ll share a similar style pic. The Murray is not as current with some of their rooms- but it serves its purpose very well. I wish had a little more storage for my stuff is the biggest draw back. I made it work – and I did miss a mini fridge and microwave. I always bring a cooler so I was just filling with ice- I’m pretty laid back. There is a charming feeling to the hotel. Old time photos line the walls and vintage furniture tucked in different places.

Stairs heading to floor 2 and sun deck

I loved being able to open my window and look at the traffic along with the sounds. They also have a channel that plays Somewhere in time 24/7 along with another channel that has a History channel documentary on the bridge. The noise level was very well maintained between rooms. I was on the 2nd floor and loved that spot. I was able to use the stairs to avoid the lobby when it was busy. They also have a little porch with 4 rocking chairs you can sit and take it all in. I never sat there because I would just open my window and set the chair to have the action.

The sun deck was just a hidden bonus. After a day of exploring it was nice to soak in the pool spa. I was fortunate it was super close to my room. The room had a air conditioner unit in it but I only had it on 1 day because it cooled down and I could go without. My room also had just a walk-in shower but I prefer that.

Hallway of Lobby

I am very pleased with this hotel. While it may not have had some amenities the location and charm was fantastic. The prices were extremely reasonable too for the dates and time I spent on the island. I for sure felt for families this is a great place to stay too. Be sure to check them out.


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