Islander Bean Dip

So anyone who knows me knows that aside from fudge – this is my favorite food on the island. Made at Horn’s Gaslight Bar & Grill. Now I realize you might be thinking what is so special about this dip. Folks I don’t know. Now heads up it is only on their dinner menu under appetizers.

So this little appetizer is usually my dinner. And no I don’t share.

Islander Bean Dip Layers of black beans, rice, frijoles and a blend of cheeses, melted together and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and black olives. Served with salsa and corn chips. I add hot sauce on top too – because why not.

In true fashion this started as an appetizer for a group of us to share. By the 3rd night we were eating it as our main meal. Back in October when I went my friend – she too tried to help me decide what cheese it is- found out it is a queso cheese made there. I tried my best to get the recipe but was not given it 🤣

Now as you can see I’m not a olive fan- I’ll eat them but not my fav. I honestly don’t know why I love this dip so much. Like the Taco Bell spicy tostada (which they discontinued but I have fully mastered it) I just enjoy the mix of all the different options. And you get tortilla chips.

They have a great menu to choose from but this is my go to. So stay tuned if I master this dip. Will for sure share if it is done.


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