Morning walks

I cherish my morning walks on Mackinac Island. The ferries haven’t started yet so the island is tucked in seclusion. I start downtown. As I pass Marquette park I soak in the scent of flowers. To my right is the marina. I get to the winding part that opens up to Mission Point lawn. This is when you know you are headed into the state park.

The road then is surrounded by packed in boulders and you see the calm waters. Seagulls are talking and waves crash to shore. Stacked rocks are seen and are a chance to mark you were here.

Then comes Arch Rock. Well the 207 stairs leading up to the island staple. I love to pause and look down under the stairs to see the old ones. I used to hike those before they built these new ones. Which to be honest would not be easy or fun in my opinion so kudos to those workers.

I get to the top and it was good. My bad ankle (well I have 2) has really been hurting lately but I press on. But in the steps it feels good stretching it out. I head up to Arch Rock. It always is so surreal. There are steps next to it you walk up to get an even more scenic view of the coastline and mighty Lake Huron.

I then follow Arch Rock Road. There is a map nearby to show you where you are. They have everything marked very well. Along with certain types of trees. This path will take me to Somewhere in Time gazebo and Anne’s Tablet. They are tucked in a path before you reach the fort.

I finish off with heading down Fort St and it is a steep one. I pause to look at how peaceful downtown is. I sidetrack over on Market St to hit up Lucky Bean coffee for their Cereal Milk Latte- it’s Cap’n Crunch Berry milk 🥛 omg yummy!!


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