Arrived to the island- visited Cloghaun B&B

So today I got to the island. I wasn’t sure if my bike was gonna make it. It was very windy and evidently I did not secure it well enough- stopped 3 times to fix it. But made it over safe and sound. I can’t tell you how excited I was to get back to this place. It was very much needed.

Here is a perfect example of how they unload the luggage from the ferry. It’s tucked nice and need with tags on each piece that you told them back in with Mackinaw City or St Ignace where you are staying. All you do is find the porter for your hotel and they will get your stuff to it. Be sure to have cash to tip these workers- it’s hard work.

So on Instagram I follow a lot of the places on the island. One that I follow is called Cloghaun Bed & Breakfast. Now I’m gonna be honest I have never stayed at a B&B. The island has quite a few of these available. They had shared a post about afternoon tea and it looked so cozy and inviting. I reached out to see if they would allow me to tour the house and talk with them. I was so lucky because they were so open to doing this.

Maggie & Jim

Now Cloghaun (pronounced Clo-Haun) stands for land of small round stones. I personally have never been to Ireland but you feel the Irish in this establishment. I was greeted by the owner James Bond (not 007 but it is funny) and his fiancé Maggie. The bed and breakfast is located on Market Street looking down Hoban street unto the Lake Huron. Established in 1884 it is one of Michigan’s oldest family-owned B&B’s.

Front room

This charming home has 11 rooms to accommodate you. In fact they just opened a 2 bedroom suite downstairs that the built in nooks were envious. They have a vast collection of old books that they said the guests that had just left enjoyed looking all there was to offer. This is also the only room in the B&B that has a tv. But as they said its not ever an issue and lets face it we all watch on out phones anyway. I don’t like to have the tv on too much either. From there I was taken into the dining room. Now breakfast is included with the stay. Due to Covid they no longer do buffet style but arrange times for you to come and enjoy a fantastic selection from eggs Benedict to pesto eggs and lots of bacon. Guests have really enjoyed this option Maggie said. It allows them to also not feel over crowded in the room. This dining room was antique roadshow heaven. The buffets and Mirror were massive and such intricate details. Off that room was a sitting room. Lined in a border of china that I can’t imagine the years. A built in china cabinet hosted gorgeous pieces of unique pieces.

Dining area
Gorgeous Buffets

At this time I was then introduced to the innkeepers Susie and Janet. Cloghaun’s also has a full time housekeeper. Susie told me how she looks ahead to prepare the breakfast selections. Janet then brought out some tea and treats to enjoy. I was having so much fun talking to them all. They had just had a good old fashion 4th of July party out on their side garden. Maggie said this was the first time doing this and the guests loved it. Also new to this B&B is online booking. This is a new feature that has helped them bring in new guests. They also started offering specials that include: Meat and cheese platter, gourmet coffee/sweets, Carriage ride and long stemmed rose, snacks surprise and chocolate covered strawberries. The carriage ride has been a big hit. They also recommend the Woods restaurant located by Stonecliff. They arrange a carriage to take you and the maitre d is a veteran of 30+ years who has that place run so efficiently.

Susie & Janet

Jim talked about how the dining room was filled with antiques from his mom for years- they cleared it out for the dining room and it flows so efficiently. Each room is named after a member of the family. A 2 night stay is required with a 50% deposit due at time of booking. They also have a system now that will run the remaining balance before you check out so you have no extra worries and can just relax on their incredible porch. Their instagram had a fun montage of how the look had changed on the front of the B&B. The landscaping is a colorful mix of perennials with a shamrock placed in the middle of the blocks leading to the stairs. 2 of the 3 room upstairs have a balcony to enjoy.

Homegrown by Jim

The afternoon tea is a fun feature that I really enjoyed. I felt as though I was in Downton Abbey. Then the treats Janet made. Macadamia white chocolate cookie and Oatmeal cake. Folks this was out of this world. She shared it was a recipe from a friends mom and then showed the book of incredible recipes. This is the 1st season for these innkeepers but after meeting them I have no doubt the place will thrive even more.

Tea with treat

I absolutely love the entire feeling of this place. It was cozy and laid back. They have games you can set up and play or you are welcome to BYOB and enjoy that on the porch or various seating thoughout the property. Behind the B&B is the medical center. This was made possible by Jim selling this land for them to build this facility. I was very impressed by this action. What little time I was there I understand why people go back year after year here. They have been know to book the entire place to one family. Booking for 2022 is opening but I know that this place has to fill fast. I definitely plan on making a stay happen here. It will be so fun and just a unique and cozy experience to just make Mackinac even more magical.

Love the shamrock ☘️
Medical center 🏥

Be sure to visit their website and on Instagram


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