Packing for Mackinac

Ok I’ll admit it I overpack. Always have and probably always will. BUT I have gotten much better and organized with it. Let’s be honest it can be hard especially going somewhere like Mackinac Island. I have definitely found some tricks to help out.

Ok so sure you check the weather forecast. Looks like one day might be rainy then into warmer temps with no clouds. But on the island this can be difficult. Remember you are surrounded by water. The temps along coastlines can vary almost 10* then from inland. Now that’s maybe a stretch but you are more likely to get cooler winds along the shoreline. So here is what I do. Mind you I still will overpack but not as bad.

Always have tennis shoes. You walk a lot more than you think you will. Definitely have at least 2 more pair of socks than days staying. Last October I was there Friday- Sunday and when we arrived we had to change our socks right away because it had been raining and lots of puddles. I went through 4 pairs of socks. Have a cozy sweatshirt or light jacket for evenings. In all my visits I have had only 1 time it was so humid and miserable but it wasn’t awful like it is now here in Indiana (where you step out and feel the moisture). Also bring a dressy casual look to have to consider. It is not required by any means but just in case you feel like dressing up one evening.

I remember one time on a girls trip – the 3rd and last night there one of the girls said I’m dressing local tonight. She did a sweatshirt and jeans. We were dolled all up. Not gonna lie I was jealous of her by end of night. Now I am not saying locals dress down but I at my age now realize I’m more into comfort and that’s where she was at too💗.

For sure have sunscreen. On a random day sitting at the Pink Pony Patio – waiting for the room my nose got fried. I mean super red. So I now always have sunscreen or a hat. It can be deceiving.

The thing to remember is the shops on the island are great. So if you forget something- more than likely it will be found on the island. Now not sure if cell phone accessories are at Doud’s so make sure to take your charger. Which leads me into backup chargers. I take these with me if I’m out exploring the island. Now it’s not like the show LOST- you aren’t in a jungle and get find your way back But sometimes the juice runs out quicker and you don’t want to head all the way back to recharge- so pack a extra battery charger.

Unless your hotel has a swimming pool or hot tub you don’t need a suit. There isn’t a beach to lay out on. I know that seems crazy on an island. But check to see if your hotel or bed & breakfast have these before you consider packing swimming stuff.

Remember when packing that more than likely a bike porter will be hauling your lights your residence for the stay. Sure they are awesome and no idea how they do it- but if it is extra heavy TIP TIP TIP!! These guys work very hard and it is not easy lugging that in front of you while weaving in and out of tourists.

Packing for me includes the following:

  • Workout leggings, shirts and sweatshirt to layer for daytime
  • pair of shorts (mostly for evening- I’m a hot blooded soul)
  • Wraps that you can keep with you if get chilly at night and don’t want to dress down- or light Jean jacket
  • sunscreen & hat
  • Rain poncho (plastic kind that fold up nice and neat)
  • Tennis shoes along with nice sandals for night (possibly boots in case chilly to wear with shorts)
  • Back up battery chargers
  • Smaller crossbody purse so when riding or exploring so it’s not in way ( and yes I sometimes do a Fanny pack)
  • Bike lock and basket on my bike – the basket is invaluable for stuff when riding
  • Bluetooth speaker- I get a cheapie one at Target or Walmart that I can have in room or in bike – very nice to listen with even if just relaxing
  • Earphones- because they are always with me
  • cooler of pop, lunch meat, cheese, condiments (I pack my lunch and explore ) I tend to hit Doud’s after arriving to get water to have

Toiletries are my problem. I’m a skin care junkie and a hairstylist. Now travel sizes are invaluable- but I swear I had 3 different bags for my stuff. My makeup has become very minimal but still it takes up space- so I found the bag to end bags. Yes on Amazon- this puppy holds my stuff at all times so I’m ready to go. I only need to throw my makeup in it and ta-da it’s not wasting space and I have all my goodies. I keep all my travel stuff in there and recheck before I leave to fill up – but hand to God this is a life saver. WANDF toiletry large bags for travel – 17.99- you are welcome!!!

I will share on my Instagram for this blog my packing. When it comes to Mackinac I know it may seem like a lot to take but the weather can be iffy so best to be prepared.

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