To Market we go

So one of the charming parts of Mackinac is Doud’s Market. Established in 1884 this is one of the oldest markets in the US. Family owned and operated- they now have 2 locations. The main one on corner of Fort & Main located next to Marquette Park.

Throughout my visits I have seen this main store expand. But it is so nice to be able to shop for quick necessities or get yourself stocked up. I love to go here for either their hot options or deli selections then take a small walk for a picnic next door in the park.

They offer a great beer, wine and liquor section too. At one point it was another store next door but Doud’s purchased and added on. I have to say it is so nice to know that this is available. Because you never know what mood you might be in and it’s helpful they have so much to chose from.

The hours are great too. During peak season it is 7:30-12 am. Open year round too. This spring they also installed self checkout lanes to better serve everyone. Remember with a smaller market there is a limit to spend in order to use credit card machine. I totally get this because the fees can add up. I have had to run here for just quick basics I didn’t have and it’s so good to know it is available. The prices are great too. Even with being on an island they aren’t marked up too outrageous prices as I have encountered with some other tourist places (like an airport right 😜😜)

They have added a smaller store down Main St close to Shepler’s ferry. Here they have just a smaller set up but great options. Depending on where you might be staying this is so nice to be able to pop in here.

I share this because whether you decide to bring food or want to get some on the island- know this store is gonna give you what you need. It’s great to follow them on social media to see how they support the island year round. Be sure to check out this quaint little market 💜💜


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