Lilac Tree Suites & Spa

So I wish I could remember how I found this gem of a hotel. I feel that the internet was just really getting started (yes this might be circa 2003ish) anywho it was going to be a girls trip. Me with 4 girlfriends and my younger sister with her & 4 girlfriends.

The first visit we did not opt to do the balcony but island view instead. Not gonna lie- we biked the island but it was more nightlife we wanted. But I loved this hotel. First because of the name (Lilacs are my fav flower & purple fav color) but the layout is fantastic. When you have island view you walk into a small living room area- then through bathroom – then onto the bedroom. It also has a microwave, mini fridge and small bar area for you to bring food.

To access the rooms you will go up an elevator located by the lobby but it is surround by shops.

I think what was so great for the first visit here was we didn’t have our bikes this time but we were centralized enough downtown that access to everything was easy. It also was just adorable with lots of space. Little did I know that this stay would be the first of many at this hotel.

The next time I wanted a balcony. This room is layed out differently. You start walking into the bedroom- bathroom – then living room takes you to balcony.What you find on Mackinac is the sights and sounds are so magnetic. I love the early mornings of the horses clipping and clopping along with ferries starting to bring tourists in. With a balcony you see and here all of this! PLUS it’s fun at night if you are in before the bars close sitting outside and people watching the night scene is epic.

A fun little thing my friend and I love from this hotel is their complimentary pens 🖊 yes you read that correctly. I try to grab as many as I can to use and keep the memories alive I guess. Seems silly but I think I see it and giggle at some of the funny stories.

Now when you get the balcony room – the balcony door is always open for me!! But it is just so peaceful to have this bonus option. Lilac Tree has 39 varieties of rooms. The staff is so awesome too. One year they put up with me deciding to add a night and this meant that I had to change rooms which I was fine with this allowed me to get the top floor suite in the middle of the hotel so basically the huge balcony. This is worth every penny and if you see that that room is available and you question it do it. I loved it.

Lilac tree is located above a bunch of adorable shops to. At one time there used to be an ice cream shop down there but it is now been replaced with the boutique and I remember saying if I worked on this island I would work at the ice cream shop. I don’t know how long it had been there how long it lasted but I love that this new boutique is there because it is fun to shop those while you’re there. Also when you’re down there leaving the lobby you see the Island bookstore great place to go in and find a ton of books not only about the island but others that have written about the island or made stories based on the island.

Lilac tree is sister hotels to the Chippewa. So sometimes there are specials that will allow you to get breakfast which then takes you to the Pink Pony. With staying here you get access to the wonderful hot tub located behind the Chippewa- the front desk will tell you what to do for that. Believe me it’s worth soaking it that tub after a day of exploring.

Be sure to go to the hotel website for a lot of other package deals. They are as followed: Ferry special, 3 night package, 4 night special package, pre-paid breakfast and 10% discounts for certain clubs.

The also have a spa that is located down a separate set of stairs. However sadly due to COVID it is closed for 2021- but will return next year so be sure to check out the services.

There are bike porters available to take your luggage to hotel. It can be stored as well in private room until your room is ready and they will move it to your room when it is open.

I can’t say enough about this hotel. I recommend it constantly for those first time stay nighters. It is worth the whole experience 💜💜


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