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Like so many others I was traveling to the island pre-internet. I honestly can’t even remember how I actually found some of the places I did. And it’s funny now to think how we can get online and see everything and book instantly.

A few years ago I was trying to really see all the different options for staying on the island. I love research. I can go down a rabbit hole and look out because it can lead me to a whole other world 🌎 This is when I found the tourism page for the island. Sure you know they have it but I dove into this puppy. is gonna be a gem for your island experience. Their menu has: places to stay, restaurants & nightlife, plan your trip, island events and explore Mackinac.

Folks this page has it all. Now what I would do when looking for places to stay was go under each tab. So I checked all the hotels and the amenities then resorts, etc. etc. Another thing to consider if you have never stayed on the island is location. For example, Inn at Stonecliff. This beautiful hotel is located in the West Bluff with a view of the infamous Mackinac Bridge. With this being said it’s almost 2 miles inland. Very quiet and secluded but you have to get there – so either with horse taxi, bicycle or your own 2 feet. This is something to remember if you have plans to want to explore downtown a lot or if you prefer biking inland. Again I love this place I just know myself – I prefer downtown. So this is something to remember when booking. If you aren’t sure do call the place you are looking at. Truly anyone working there is going to help you the best way for you to enjoy the island.

Another great thing about this page is Cyber Monday sales. Yes when this day hits log on the site to see which hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts or condos have deals to save money. Be sure to read the dates carefully because that is a huge factor in this decision for the deals.

Mackinac hosts a variety of events as hilighted in the page. There are a few different runs throughout the season- Lilac festival, the Yacht Race from Chicago, Zoo-De-Mack bike race, Somewhere in time weekend and much more.With those events comes the activities hosted at that time. There is also a calendar that shares all you can enjoy.

The restaurants and nightlife are in full swing on the island. Each place has a great website linked up so you can see the variety of food selections from elegant to laid back. Each night you can enjoy something new and almost daily live music.

Exploring Mackinac is the best. Now here is where you truly do want to have a map (yes I said map) with you at all times. Why? Sometimes cell phone service can be spotty and honestly as Joey did on Friends – I get in the map 🗺 meaning I literally have to set it down to get my bearings. When you are inland there are so many great trails it’s best to have this with you to guide. It’s in the souvenir book sold on the ferry or at the tourism bureau located downtown. Also print it off yourself.

It has a fantastic place for planning your trip. Use this!!! It will give you so much invaluable information that again if you have questions call. I did. Talked to someone for 45 minutes and got so much extra info from the local resident that I never thought I would.

This blog is my way of sharing all I have learned but to be honest I wouldn’t know this much if I didn’t stalk and read that page incessantly. I hope you use it too. And reach out to me if you read it and still have some other questions- I love to help💜


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