Stay downtown? Yes or no

So one thing that is a common thought is do you want to be downtown Mackinac? I have done both. Personally I prefer downtown- but that is me. And I’ll explain why I do. Now with this being said it doesn’t mean I didn’t love the other places I have stayed. Let’s be honest staying anywhere on the island is a dream come true.

When I’m downtown I really embrace the early morning routines that you see happening. As I mentioned before when the ferries stop running and before they start there is a unique time that you realize the seclusion of the island. A morning walk you can really see all the businesses before they truly open. Then you can grab a coffee or breakfast at a few of the places that have opened. The horses are trotting on the street to await the incoming ferries. Workers are riding into their jobs. I love finding a bench in front of the Chippewa hotel and sitting to just watch. You disconnect without realizing it’s happening.

At night it is great to soak up the nightlife and have peace of mind you can walk right to your hotel. Another fun thing is to sit out on your balcony (if you have one) with a glass of wine and watch the night unfold. Basically epic people watching. I’ll never forget one time we were leaving the Pink Pony and saw these guys ride into town , jump off their bikes and then chuck them into a trash can. Little did they know police were right there- they got arrested for sure. But we later found out that they took the bikes from the hotel they were at for a wedding reception (clearly they were drunk) did I mention they were middle aged? So see you never know what you might see 🤣.

Downtown is just my jam. I enjoy it for so many reasons I can’t put into words. But that doesn’t mean it is for everyone. Know that the island is fantastic wherever you stay- which next time I will share the bonus of staying away from downtown.


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