Should you stay overnight on the island?

This is a question so many ask. I feel that it is completely expected that if you stay on Mackinac you have to stay at the Grand Hotel. Nope not at all. Also I know some think it isn’t worth it to stay. Well I am here to tell you why you should.

Now if you are truly in the fence about even visiting (don’t worry you will love it) then I recommend doing a day trip over. Grab an early ferry, rent bikes, do carriage tours, eat fudge and then head back. BUT know this you will be sad it was only one day. Why? There is so much to see and do on this island 8.2 miles round.

I’ll go into all that later but now I want to tell you why staying over is just a little bit more magical. You see the ferries stop running at a certain time so a lot of the traffic (and you would be surprised how much there is) has left. Then you almost get a feeling of how the local residents are. The roads aren’t as crowded. The restaurants are busy but there is an energy because you are on vacation. You don’t have to drive anywhere & you just relax even more. You really start to tune into the sounds all around you. Plus it is really fun to have a balcony overlooking main st as the nightlife starts. And whether you are participating or just chillin it is a good one.

But one of the main reasons I love staying over is the mornings. Now I’m talking between 6-9 am. You want to get up and watch the sunrise down by Mission point or Arch Rock. As you head to do that the sounds are everywhere. Seagulls talking, horses clip clop past you, ferries and freighters sound in the distance. Then you realize how secluded it really is. Your tucked away on this island with no vehicles, no desire to watch tv and just miles of nature to take in. What happens? You exhale. It is a breath you probably didn’t know you were holding but it leaves your body with the peace that this simplistic place brings you.

I have so many people tell me they wish they had stayed over. Mostly because they didn’t get to do and see all they wanted too but also you just want to. You want to see it at night and early morning. It is the one thing you can covet that the new day tourists don’t quite get to have.

So yes stay over. Take the plunge. And just remember that how often to you really get to disconnect without realizing you have?


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