Why I love Mackinac Island

When I was little my mom showed us a movie that little did I know would begin my love for Mackinac. I’m talking about Somewhere in Time. This starred Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour & Christopher Plummer. It was filmed at the infamous Grand Hotel. It’s a love story about a man who travels back in time to be with the woman he is meant to be with. The music in it is truly magical.

So fast forward to 1999 and one of my best friends was getting married. She grew up near Detroit and had moved to Indiana. But she was familiar with Mackinac. Ultimately this lead to her wedding happening there. (Side note the island is known for weddings- in fact I will share a story of one that just happened there. ) I don’t remember how it was brought to my attention that the movie had been filmed there but once I found out I was beyond thrilled.

The morning of the wedding a group of us headed to the island early- to do hair (I am hairstylist) Her wedding was happening at Mission Point hotel. Once we got there I was mesmerized. We loaded up on a horse drawn taxi because if you aren’t aware Mackinac has no cars on the island. You either bike, walk or use a horse in some capacity. As we headed to the hotel I was overcome with the peace. It was just so relaxed. Now her wedding was a unique time 10-4 because they host sometimes 2 weddings a day on weekends.

That day was mostly all wedding festivities. Now some of us were not staying on the island. You have to remember this is pre- internet. So searching for accommodations was way different (and all I ever heard was how expensive it was to stay there- not true- which is why I am doing this blog) So the following morning we to the ferry back over to enjoy seeing some of the island. Rented our bikes and biked the M-185 all around to British Landing. From there we headed in the middle of the island to see the views higher up. It was stunning. I felt as though we were on a tropical island because the water was crystal blue. We didn’t see the Grand because when we headed downtown the road to go see it was not a path we took.

It was lunchtime and we all headed to a great little place that sat us out by the water. The sounds of seagulls, ferry horns, bikes and horses trotting on the road were intoxicating. I did not realize it but I had fallen in love with this place.

As we left to head home a sadness overcame me. I now call this Mackinac depression. You see, what truly grabbed at me was the simplicity. You disconnected from everything up there. Soaking up the outdoors reminded me of being young and playing outside till it’s dark. The laid back way of the island is one that so many people connect too. I know this because I am part of a group called Addicted to Mackinac Island on Facebook. It is not alone with the love of this place.

My goal here is to help guide you to the perfect visit when you go. Allowing you to have valuable information that sometimes isn’t mentioned when visiting. I am beyond excited to do this. Because in the end – Mackinac Island will steal your heart too.


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