Just an Indiana girl who fell in love with an island.

Totally Mackinac Island is where I get to share all the in’s & outs I have learned visiting. Allow me to help guide you to the time of your life.

Mackinac Island, MI is located on the crystal clear waters of Lake Huron. This magical place boasts the simplicity you never knew you craved. No vehicles are allowed so you either walk, bike or take a horse taxi. Relax and enjoy as I help you figure out where to stay, eat and what activities to be done.

“ Haven’t we always wanted our own island? One without car horns or stop lights, but one filled with forts and uncharted paths. Filled with carriage rides and bike rides and games we play all day. Where the sun can’t wait to wake up and adventure around every corner. Nestled in deep blue waters of Lake Huron is Mackinac Island. Our island is pure Michigan.”

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